The priority in the work of "UkrBorg" Company is a voluntary settlement of bad debts!

The Company understands that it is difficult to the debtor to release from debt due to many factors, namely:

  • Devaluation of hryvnia
  • Tax on amounts written off (as an additional revenue)
  • Entering the subject of the mortgage into the books (re-registration of ownership of the creditor)
  • Fraudulent lawyers promise a lot, but guarantee nothing.

In any case, you should still look for options to get rid of debt.

The company "UkrBorg" is interested in improving the financial burden on the debtor, thus it actively cooperates with the state. Our representatives are members of the working group of the Independent Association of Ukrainian Banks, which is processing a draft law No.4004 "On the restructuring of liabilities of Ukrainian citizens by foreign currency loans obtained for the purchase of a single property". This draft law was developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and the National Bank, and supported by the International Monetary Fund.

So the new debt settlement programs have significant advantages:

- All our proposals are based exclusively on the current appraised value of the collateral, irrespective of the total amount of debt:

- The company writes off to the debtors up to 50% of the outstanding amount, any bank can provide such offer;

- At the conclusion of the transaction, the Company assumes all legal questions on the loan (if your case is in court or at State Enforcement Service);

- The customer chooses the option of settlement at own discretion:

- payment of the cost of the property at a discount of 20 - 25%

- voluntary transfer of the collateral to the balance of the lender at the guaranteed compensation of 10%

- restructuring of the debt with balance write-off of up to 8 years without interest and additional discount of up to 15%.